Become a Coach

“Coaching the Heart Behind the Jersey” 
Research shows that coaches who coach in all 3 dimensions regularly produce athletes who: 
Learn skills quicker (more attentive)

Achieve higher fitness compliance (work harder)

Experience shorter rehabilitation (recover from injury)

Are more adaptable to new conditions (“on the road”)

Possess the freedom to be creative (“are gamers”)

Develop deeper relation- ships with other players and with coaches (learn life’s lessons) 





3 Dimensional Coaching


What is 3Dimensional Coaching?

The 3Dimensional Coaching curriculum is based on extensive research regarding different coaching philosophies and the cultural influence of coaches in the lives of the people they impact.

1st Dimension = Fundamentals (Physical)
2nd Dimension = Psychology (Mind)
3rd Dimension = Heart (Holism)

*Research shows only about 15% of coaches intentionally coach beyond the 1st Dimension

Why does it matter?

70% of athletes will fail to reach their full potential on & off the field because of 2nd Dimension issues

The social structure of our culture has drastically changed over past 20 years

Research validates the “Coach” as the single-most influential authoritative figure in life of today’s adolescent

2nd Dimension issues? Motivation—Do you have athletes who will seemingly quit on you in a heartbeat? How do you motivate today's athlete to commit to a long-term process in a culture that values "immediate-gratification?”

Confidence—Do you have athletes who shrink back when the game is on the line? How do you help athletes gain/regain confi- dence in a culture obsessed with publicizing failure?

Emotions—Do you have athletes whose emotions get in the way of peak perfor- mance? How do you harness the power of passion and emotion in sport to enhance and not hinder athletic ability?

Team Cohesion—Do you have athletes who struggle to buy into the team concept? How do you make a team “we” in a culture that constantly sends the message that it’s all about “me?”